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Fairness for Fantasy Sports Louisiana

A winning ballot measure campaign

We ran an integrated media campaign that drove a 33-point shift in voter opinion, leading to a huge win for legal fantasy sports in Louisiana.


Pass a statewide ballot referendum to authorize fantasy sports in Louisiana.


A benchmark poll in August showed only 27% of Louisianans in support of permitting fantasy sports—and 47% opposed. Approximately 26% were undecided. In addition, turnout was expected to be below 30%. Adding to the challenge, our likely supporters (men aged 18–49) were even less likely to vote in the midterm than the median, and the most likely voters (adults aged 50+ and women 35 and older) were those who least favored passing the referendum

An illustration of Louisiana with polling data superimposed, indicating 47% opposed, 28% indifferent, and 27% in favor of legalized sports betting


We executed an integrated media strategy across search, social, programmatic video, digital audio, and OTT/CTV. We drove more than 20M+ digital impressions with a net engagement rate of 34%, meaning 1 in 3 Louisiana men 18–49 not only saw our content, but also engaged with our message by completing video views, clicking, reacting, commenting, and sharing.

We used the testing and measurement data from the paid digital campaign to inform the TV and direct mail strategies, shaping how we deployed various messages to specific demographic targets, markets, and dayparts.


On November 6, 2018, 60% of voters voted “yes” on the proposition, a 33-point swing in less than 90 days. This was a resounding victory.

An illustration of Louisiana with polling data rising to 60% from 27% in favor of legalized sports betting