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Barbara Bollier for Kansas

Top-tier online fundraising

We ran a top-tier digital fundraising program for the most competitive Democratic Senate candidate in a generation.


Barbara Bollier was the strongest Democratic Senate candidate Kansas had seen in more than a generation—and she needed the online fundraising program to match.


The campaign hired us in April 2020, a time when most campaigns were shifting away from list growth and into pure donor conversion territory. We needed to grow the digital fundraising program quickly in order to catch up.
Photo of Barbara Bollier


We gave the campaign’s email program a clear voice and applied a coherent narrative of the race, immediately boosting results. We streamlined and improved the campaign’s digital fundraising reporting, and then adjusted our tactics based on what worked best. We also launched an aggressive but carefully targeted list growth and fundraising ad program that delivered lightning-quick return on investment.

A collage of square advertising images asking viewers to either sign on or donate in support of Barbara Bollier's campaign for Senate


Within one month of taking over as the digital fundraising firm for Barbara Bollier’s Senate race, we doubled what the campaign raised in the previous month and significantly increased the campaign’s ROI from paid list growth. We broke records for the campaign’s highest performing email within two weeks.
Image of a Kansas City Star headline: "Is Kansas in play this fall? Democrat Bollier sets fundraising record in Senate race."