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Unite the Country

Helping Joe Biden win the primary

We ran the digital ad campaign that helped change the tide for Joe Biden in South Carolina.


Translate Biden’s perceived support among the African American community into votes and supplant the negative media narrative around the his candidacy with one of “Joe-mentum” ahead of Super Tuesday.


After Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden’s hold on the moderate wing of the party was very much in question. Other candidates had significant spending advantages in the state. We needed a cost-effective way for the VP’s message to break through.

An image with five negative headlines about Joe Biden's chances leading up to the South Carolina Democratic Primary in 2020


Using testing and sentiment analysis data from ads we ran in Nevada, we executed an integrated campaign across search, social, online video, digital audio and OTT/CTV that we knew would resonate with African American adults in South Carolina.

When Rep. Clyburn endorsed, we jumped on the opportunity, made a rapid pivot, and cut numerous video and audio ad variations for rapid distribution.

We also used sequential messaging based on behaviors and actions our audience took to take them up the ladder of persuasion to mobilization and GOTV. 


Biden won South Carolina with a commanding 30-point margin, more than four times the final tracking polls the weekend before Election Day. Importantly, Biden won 61% of African Americans and 48% of late deciders, validating our overall targeting and creative approach. 

A chart showing Biden's average poll numbers in South Carolina dipping from January 1 until the week before the election, then rising steeply in the final week, with a 48.8% win on Election Day.