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Unite the Country

Rapid Response in the 2020 Primary

We created the fastest and most prolific rapid response operation during the Democratic primary, shaping the conversation on Twitter at key moments.


Shape the conversation on social media during key moments to shift press coverage and punditry favorably toward Joe Biden.


Joe Biden’s primary and general election opponents built social media armies that turned out in full force during debates, conventions, and other high-impact moments to give journalists and others on Twitter the false impression that Biden was losing the conversation.

Image of Joe Biden at a lectern


We built up a targeted social following on Twitter among journalists and pundits covering the presidential race. During the Democratic primary, we produced nearly 300 videos and more than 250 graphics for Unite the Country, often outpacing any other presidential operation in both volume and speed on debate nights.

Collection of Joe Biden graphics

We also cultivated relationships directly with Biden supporters who were already active on Twitter and mobilized them around shared talking points and content. 


By quickly amplifying Joe Biden’s best moments and highlighting praise from supporters and pundits for our press-heavy audience, we steered the narrative around Joe Biden’s performance and support into a more favorable light.

A graphic with a selection of positive headlines about Joe Biden